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‘Free-flowing energy and Taoist sounds for healing’


Ancient cultures from different parts of the world knew that everything in the

universe has energy and is in a constant state of vibration. All things have a

resonant frequency from the orbits of the planets around the sun to

movements of electrons around atoms. Likewise, each cell, organ and system

in the body has its own resonant frequency.

When the body is in good health, all the parts resonate together in harmony

like an orchestra playing an exquisite symphony. However, when the body’s

energy is not free flowing, is out of balance or illness has set in there is a

‘discordant’ frequency. Through the principle of conscious intention and

resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the

body back to their normal, healthy vibrations. Blockages are cleared, energy

flows and out of alignment cells and systems are able to return to a state of

harmony affecting all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

Although healing sound vibrations can be created by an ever-expanding

range of musical instruments or electronic devices the human voice remains

the most portable and magnificent powerful healing tool!

Ancient Taoist medical philosophy works from the principle that illnesses,

stresses and strains are the result of imbalances and energy blockages in the

body. Emotional, mental and physical stresses strongly affect the whole

body’s energy flow. In the Taoist system, each emotion connects to a

particular organ and body process and by regularly practising meditations,

exercises and a series of specific healing sounds combined with movement,

intrinsic or ‘qi’ healing energy is encouraged to flow for harmonising

imbalances and dispersing congested areas.

As with most practices, different Taoist systems use different sets of sounds

so try them out to determine what works personally. The important underlying

principle to remember is that ‘conscious intention plus sound initiates healing.’

In Mantak Chia’s ‘Universal Tao’ teachings, the practise of six healing sounds

is ‘fundamental’ in learning to take care of oneself and transforming negative

energy into positive healthy energy.

The heart and the small intestine connect to the ‘Haaaw’ sound and the colour


Sit on a stool with hands resting palms up on the thighs. Make sure the spine

is straight and that the feet are flat on the floor about a hip’s width apart. Allow

the shoulders to relax and the tongue to rest on the roof of the mouth. Be

aware of being supported, sitting in the space between the earth and the

heavens. Focus on the breath and breathe from the belly. On the in breath

allow the belly to expand and on the out breath let it contract.

Let both hands rest on the heart and send an internal smile to it. Become

aware of any negative emotions like arrogance, hate or bitterness residing in

it. Slowly begin to inhale as the arms are extended from the sides to over the

head and then clasp the palms to face the sky. Push out through the palms

keeping the shoulders relaxed. Bend a little to the right and stretch the left

arm slightly to open the heart area.

Keep the eyes ‘soft’ and relaxed, looking up through the hands. Slowly

exhale, making the sound ‘Haaaw’ and feel that any negative emotions,

trapped heat or imbalances from the heart are released out of the body on the


After exhaling, close the eyes, separate the hands and turn the palms, slowly

lowering the arms to the sides and to rest on the thighs. Inhale a bright red

mist into the heart and small intestines and then rest the hands on the heart.

Smile into the heart and with each in breath, bring fresh qi energy into the

heart and with each out breath mentally repeat the sound.

Repeat at least 3 times and feel that the heart and small intestines are

balanced, detoxified and filled with the positive qualities of joy, love and


Regular practice recommended!

This heart sound is one of six simple but powerful healing sounds that I share

in weekly classes and during the ‘Sacred Journeys: Qigong, healing sound

and meditation’ weekend courses. The sounds, meditations and movements

allow an ‘opening and priming’ process which is beneficial in it’s own right and

also effortless preparation for a ‘Resonant Soundbath Experience’. The

soundbath (article to come later…) includes the live sounds of rattles,

Solfeggio chimes, harmonium, singing bowls and voice to provide a unique,

deeply relaxing, nourishing and healing resonance for the body.



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