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Martyn Cawthorne
Category: Gong Work

The Northern School of Soundsmiths


undefinedAs founder and main course tutor at the Northern School of SoundSmiths I'd like to share a little about my work with you.

The School

The school is for anyone and everyone who would like to take part in a course, workshop or retreat related to gongs and their wider family of instruments. We're primarily gong-focused, although there will be opportunities for learning and experiencing many other instruments such as crystal bowls, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc, and also for taking part in sessions with a wider range of activities for well-being such as yoga, meditation and massage.  

The Staff

The school has a bank of 8 qualified, insured and experienced gong practitioners who have a variety of specialisms they're keen to share with students.   As the main course tutor, I have also been teaching Maths, English and the bass guitar over the last 25 years and have a full PGCE teaching qualification and current DBS.  Other staff members can be seen by clicking the ‘staff’ link here.

The Practitioner Level ‘Gong SoundSmith’ Courseundefined

Our accredited Gong SoundSmith (practitioner level) course runs over a six-month period. Graduates of this course will be fully qualified to give gong baths to individuals and groups, and will be able to acquire insurance as sound therapists.  

The course is fully accredited by IPHM Accreditation Board and is suitable for beginners or for those with previous experience playing gongs who would like to broaden their skill sets, deepen their relationship with the gongs and become fully qualified to work in the field.

The Content


The Gong SoundSmith course involves 20 case studies, 3 group sessions (2 of which are over full weekends), 2 one to one tutorials with myself, and 1 observation. 

The case studies are a very important part of the course as they are an opportunity for students to encounter many different real life scenarios, work with many different people, and to be personally affected by the gongs over an extended period of time, thus developing a good understanding of the effects they may have on their clients.

The Location

undefinedThe three group dates (see below) will be held at the fabulous Blissland in Congleton, CW12 3NA.  It’s a gorgeous spot, as you’ll see from their website, and absolutely ideal for some secluded relaxation and gonging.  Students will be able to take a walk on the hillside and around the property and all of its lovely features (not least the Love Pond, and the Magical Gardens!).

The course is non-residential but for those who need somewhere to stay, please contact me on 07850 955810 or and I can give you a list of local recommended B&Bs, or we may be able to find another solution.

Course Outline, Dates and Costsundefined

Part 1 – Weekend Group Session – history and effects of gongs, equipment, initial skills development. 16-17 April 2016 – £200. 

Part 2 – Weekend Group Session – preparing for case studies, one to one and group gong baths, intermediate skills development, positions and related topic. 21-22 May 2016 – £200. 

Parts 3, 4 and 5 – 2 x One to one session with tutor (intimate skills development and Q&A) and 1 x observation. Dates for parts 3, 4 and 5 to be agreed with each individual student – total cost for these 3 parts is £180. 

Part 6 – One Day Group Session – Techniques for collaboration and performance; mini-puja; student technique sharing; graduation. 8 October 2016 – £100. 

Optional Extra – Weekend Group Session  focusing on marketing (including website, logo design, flyers, etc) and complimentary instruments such as tuning forks, crystal bowls, singing bowls, rattles, shakers, bells, wah-wah tubes, the human voice (toning), etc. Dates to be confirmed. 







My work outside of the school:

Regular Group Gong Baths

I also work as a gong practitioner in and around Manchester under the business name of Gong Spa ( As such I give group gong baths at various venues.

Individual Sessions

I give small gong sessions (for 1-3 people) from my gong room at home in Old Trafford.  Just contact me to book one.

Hire Me For Your Own Events

Many people are interested in hiring me out to give gong baths in their own home or a location of their choice such as a yoga studio for their group or friends.  Please contact me to discuss the finer details.

Gong Spa Experiences CD

I recently released a CD entitled Gong Spa Experiences, which can be found here.

Contact Details

If you’d like to contact me for further information or bookings please use the contact details below:


Northern School of SoundSmithsundefined



Tel: 07850 955810

Gong Spaundefined



Tel: 07850 955810

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