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"Alternative Holiday" centre in Altinkum in Turkey

From Julie Rutherford - email:  tel: +441732 669091

I am setting up an "alternative holiday" centre in Altinkum in Turkey.

I am looking for facilitators to run workshops events in Turkey a variety of workshops events on a two week basis during the months May to October starting in May 2013

I am looking for those that work with sound and or the energetic levels of being.  The workshops would last for two hour sessions either in the mornings

10am to noon or in the afternoos 2-4pm.

The providers would also be required to join 2 or thee of the evening "all join in sessions" where a range of musical instruments would be provided and course participants and providers could have a musical "jam" session.

They would also need to be available the first Sunday evening when all are introduced to one another and any undecided course participants can choose a course (provided its not already fully booked).

Saturdays would be a boat trip for all (however this would not be compulsory).  The rest of their time is free.


I would also be looking for Tai Chi and Yoga providers for early morning (7-8am) workouts.


Accomodation and flights would be provided if required ( flights would be early mornings sunday from gatwick only with returns to gatwick also sundays only)


The maximum numbers on any course/workshop would be 25.


If you are interested in being a provider then I would initially need dates of availability and preferred timings.  Some indication of charges would be appreciated with a broad outline of what would be provided.

Further information can be provided by sending me an email expressing interest and requesting further clarification.


warm wishes



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