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from: Fabien Maman

FABIEN MAMAN & FRIENDS present an AUTUMN SEASONAL HARMONIZING CONCERT at The College of Sound Healing Conference Sat 17th Nov 2012

'When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance. This is the vibratory promise that is the gift of our musical universe.' Fabien Maman, one of the world''''s leading vibrational sound healers, and founder of Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, draws on sacred ancient Chinese, Greek and Indian traditions to perform his Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts around the world. Inspired by Chinese medicine, Fabien has developed a system of correspondences between the elements, meridians, chakras, directions and stars with the musical key, mode, instrument, rhythm and energy of each season. When played, these acoustic sounds bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony. Fabien''''s Autumn concert empowers the element of Metal, and is linked to the lungs in Chinese medicine. Metal offers clarity, which leads to a Lightness of Being. The master instruments are represented by instruments such as a metal flute, steel drum or even cowbells ! played in the key of G. Only acoustic instruments and voices are used, as they best resonate with the auric fields of the body. The healing color of the season is white. Fabien''''s concerts also draw on the creative abilities of local musicians ! It is an improvisational co-created event ! If you or you know someone who plays a musical instrument, and might like to participate in the concert, please contact

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