Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux finds new home at Hawkwood, Stroud

DON CONREAUX was drawn to Eastern mysticism and Philosophy from an early age. As a teenager in 1952 his first esoteric teacher was Paramahansa Yogananda with Don receiving his kriya Initiation in 1953. His formal education includes a Masters Degree in Theatre and from 1952 through to 1969 he became an Actor,Writer and Director working in Hollywood and New York.

In 1969 he became one of the first five Kundalini YogaTeacher under the tutelage of Yogi Bhajan and went on to establish his ownashram. During the 1970s Don discovered how the sound of the Gong could be atransformative, healing tool for Humanity and has developed the Gong Yoga ofHolistic Resonance, the title of Gong Master, Gong Therapy, the Gong Bath, theGong Puja, Spiritual Free Jazz, Songs And Concerts For Humanity and Gong MasterTraining (GMT).

His lifetime’s study and experience are published in Gongsof our Solar System, Magnum Opus Volumes 1,2 and 3, Music Of Wholeness, GongEssays, The Sacred Geometry of Starhenge, The Universal Chiometer andThe Kriya Kundalini Gong Yoga MEM Manual and Shruti Songs.

Now in his 84th year, Don continues to teachglobally with the intention of bringing about a peaceful world without violencefor our children of the New Millenium.

AIDAN McINTYRE metthe gong in 1993 and singing bowls soon afterwards. These transformationalexperiences led him to dedicate his life to sharing his experience and researchwith the world at large. He and Don have become life-long friends andhave travelled and worked together for 25 years. Aidan’sresearch  with therapeutic sound includesworking with children, people with Autism, retirees and many others. He loves sharinghis large collection of Gongs, Antique Singing Bowls and Conch shells, sharingtheir origins and uses in sound therapy.

HAWKWOOD is an educational charity and ethical centre celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

“We are over the moon with our new venue for the Gong Master Training in its 23rd year. The accommodation is great, the food is fabulous and the energy is perfect for this work. The Hawkwood administration is very professional and efficient and the staff are very, very helpful and friendly.” Kevin Goulding, Gong Master co-ordinator and business manager

"It's aprivilege to have such a highly regarded teacher as Don Conreaux atHawkwood," says Katie Lloyd-Nunn, programme manager. "We look forwardto supporting this comprehensive training in sound healing to develophere."

The dates are set for next year’s GongMaster Training at Hawkwood please click the link for more information. 

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