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Hara’s Work

Hara has a worldwide healing practice and facilitates 'Soul Sounds a holistic healing group in Wirral and West Wales. In addition to this she runs workshops, pop up Soul Sound Cafes and healing retreats several times a year.

Within the Soul Sounds group, as well as in workshops, Hara utilises a mixture of sound meditation, chanting, shamanic drumming and Sound Yoga. Sound Yoga includes; Nada Yoga – deep listening; Bhava Yoga – music, chanting and song that gives voice to our deepest expressions of love; Shakti Yoga - using sound to balance and heal our own energy system and Shabda Yoga – mantra, prayer and songs to connect to archetypal energies to assist us in our lives.

Hara’s Soul Sounds include healing tools from around the world and from a variety of traditions. By exploring various approaches and sound experiences, we are more likely to find one that suits us and empowers us to make the changes we need. The healing power of chants, music, blessings, musical instruments and meditation are shared and enjoyed in a community experience. Soul Sounds are sourced from Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Secular, Shamanic, African, Sufi, Sikh traditions, as well as anywhere else that offers inspiring, beautiful, uplifting, healing vibrations that build compassion, connection and community.

Hara believes it is a privilege to work using healing sound with people and honours the process in her heart and soul. 

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