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Andrew Hodges
Category: Improvisation

Mastering Chaos - A Leadership Workshop - Employing The Principles of Rod Paton’s Lifemusic


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 Consider this:

 How well do you understand the tension between Authority and Anarchy? 

Leading with Authority might be a 'safe' option in that it creates apparent 'order'. However 'order' in inventive, open environments might kill off the creativity. Anarchy is frequently understood to mean chaos or revolution. More often than not it is a state of absence of government which allows greater individual freedom. Properly nurtured it can lead to harmonious accommodation between groups and the ability to act sensitively with others.

To achieve this as a leader, what should you do and how do you do it?

 Rod & Andrew's Lifemusic® programme “Mastering Chaos®” is a one-day workshop designed to help you develop awareness of different styles of leadership, recognising where these different styles of leadership apply, and practicing enhanced group facilitation skills. 

An unusual feature of this leadership programme is that it is based on different styles of musical leadership.

Life can be chaotic and complicated. When you are in the thick of things you aren’t going to necessarily reach for the text book. Factors such as worker seniority, the business process being performed and the complexity of relevant tasks all play an important role in what leadership style to adopt for any given situation. Musical leadership is leadership 'in the moment' guiding complex simultaneous activities. Musicians will lead themselves and their 'team'; their band or orchestra, in a variety of different styles to suit the piece. The leadership style must 'fit', relate to what is happening now, with a sense of what's coming towards them, hopefully leading to the best outcome. Use the wrong 'style' of musical leadership and 'it just doesn't happen.'

Outside of the field of music, many people have a preferred leadership style they use as a matter of default. This can make switching between styles challenging. It can also be difficult to gauge what style is most suitable for certain circumstances, holding up decision-making processes.

What’s needed is an ‘instant’ means of recognising what kind of situation you might be facing and be able almost intuitively to apply an appropriate style and do it naturally. You are only going to be able to do this if it’s simple and it has been practised. If it isn’t simple and straightforward it will be hard to remember. If the style has been practised then applying the chosen approach will feel natural especially if initially the leadership style feels outside your comfort zone.

As a leader how much do you 'hold up' or even 'block' your team's creative potential by adopting an unhelpful leadership style?

 And do you even know that you are...?

Mastering Chaos allows you to explore how allowing apparent chaos frequently permits healthy, productive and creative community.

So what this means is that during the course of this workshop you will:

Develop an awareness of the limits of your own personal preferred leadership style.
Understand the four musical leadership styles and their applications beyond the field of music.
Understand the significance of Participative & Emergent Leadership styles.
Immerse yourself in Directed & Free Improvisation
Develop a natural awareness of how and when to apply new Leadership Skills to your own life & work.
Make Music & Have Fun!

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