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from: Susan Hale

News From Susan Hale

I''ve been a bit quiet on Sound Forum the last several years. What with immigrating to a new country and learning to drive I haven''t been as much in the public eye. During the past several years I have also been bringing a new book to publication which is now available. Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation contiunes my love affair with trees, the healing power of song and enchanting the land. In my book eleven-year old Emma must sing the Song of Creation to the dying Great Mother Tree in the Shining Land before it''s too late. Like many of the people I have worked with over the years Emma doesn''t believe she can sing. She doesn''t know she comes from generations of tree singers. Many of us still believe these old stories, or perhaps don''t remember where these stories come from. I wrote this book to help young people with their voices and more importantly to be voices for the earth. Recently I went to a local school to talk to the children about bring an author. I asked them if they liked to sing. Most of the children raised their hands but many had been told not to sing. Those who still carried the joy of singing shared how singing made them feel. One boy said he could forget his problems, another said he felt safe when he sang while a girl said singing makes her feel calm. We sang many songs together including a chant I wrote for Earth Day-Sing for the Trees called Beautiful Trees. In the coming months I will share more on Sound Forum about my work with singing with children and continueing to sing for our trees on Earth Day.

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