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Newsletters and Events/Articles - Don't Miss Out

To ensure that you make the most of publishing events and articles do take a moment to read this note.

Sometimes it is very difficult if not impossible to include events and articles if they are submitted after the newsletter deadline.

The way Sound Forum newsletters work is as follows:

* Notification about the deadline is sent at the beginning of the month in question.

* The deadline before this for material is mid-month (ish)

* The newsletter goes out at the end of the month

To ensure in event can be included you can do it in 2 ways;

1. If it is listed on Sound Forum and is an event dated for the following month. As an example a July newsletter goes out at end of July and lists ALL events in August AUTOMATICALLY.

2. If it is listed on Sound Forum and has been requested by an Author on Sound Forum. Generally speaking an Author is permitted one event in this category. The event can be at any time in the future. So for a JULY newsletter it has to be no earlier than August but can be well into the future too. It can also be repeated every month if necessary.

I hope this helps. It would help if you could get events on to Sound Forum much earlier and then you can make much better use of the facilities. Unfortunately an event submitted too late for the current month is just too late. Sorry.

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