Nitiraj Original Incense - Finally back in stock
from: Susan Hale

Praise for M1 Shruti Box

Intoning my mantra while playing the M1 Shruti Box (available here) has helped me to slow down, to breathe more fully and to bring my focus to sacred sounds in a more profound way. I feel I am embodying the mantra on a deeper level. The sounds are rich, pure and energizing.

I showed the M1 Shruti Box to a musician friend and his comment was, "Wow, this is the Rolls Royce of Shruti Boxes. It makes mine look like a used VW."

I have also improvised when playing the M1 Shruti Box and it provides a steady ground so my voice can soar. I highly recommend this to musicians, sound healers and anyone who has a sacred music practice.

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