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John Stuart Reid
Category: Cymatics

Rediscovering the art and science of Sound healing

'Sound will be the medicine of the future.’ Edgar Cayce 

Having been ?rst used by the ancients, sound therapy has undergone a period of re-discovery and is now poised to reveal the intricacies of healing both at the cellular and psychological levels.

Most ancient cultures used the seemingly magical power of sound to heal. Sound healing had almost disappeared in the West until the 1930s when acoustic researchers discovered ultrasound and its medical properties. With this discovery, research burgeoned and today the ancient art of sound healing is rapidly developing into a new science. 

There is now a mass of research into the healing bene?ts of ultrasound, including its use in breaking up kidney stones and even shrinking tumours. In addition, infrasound and audible sound are now recognized as having immense healing properties. 

The Aboriginal people of Australia are the ?rst known culture to heal with sound. Their ‘yidaki’ (modern name, didgeridoo) has been used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of every kind using their enigmatic musical instrument. Interestingly, the sounds emitted by the yidaki are in alignment with modern sound healing technology. It is becoming apparent that the wisdom of the ancients was based on ‘sound’ principles. 

Sound: primordial organizer of the universe 

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. St. John’s Gospel, Ch 1, v 1. 

Many spiritual traditions speak of sound as being the formative force of creation. Before focusing on current research into sound healing, let us consider the vital role sound may have played in structuring our universe. 

Recent studies point to sound as having reigned supreme as the prime organising force of all matter, especially during the ?rst million years of creation.Of course, sound cannot travel in the vacuum of space but sound can travel wherever matter is dense enough to allow atoms or molecules to collide with each other. In fact, it is this process of collision that provides a clear de?nition of sound: The passing on of vibrational data at the moment of collision between any two atoms or molecules. 

Sound not only structured our universe, it may also have been at work in Earth’s primordial oceans. The structuring and organizing force that triggered life has always eluded theorists. Yet, science has not yet thoroughly explored the most obvious and potent force of all: sound. (For an expanded treatise on sound as a life-creating force, see Sound, the Trigger for Life at: 

Although invisible, sound is actually highly structured. In water it acts to form ‘micro-sonic scaffolding’, a structuring process that causes matter to coalesce in an orderly manner. We believe it was this dynamic, sonic mechanism that sparked life. Sound and life, it seems, are inextricably linked. 

The vortex of life 

One of the greatest mysteries in understanding how life evolved concerns the helical nature of DNA and how this complex structure originated. Recent research has demonstrated that vortices in both the macro and micro realms can be created in water. The dynamics necessary to create micro-vortices in the ancient seas may have derived from the bubbling sounds of hydrothermal vents or massive surface storms. Water acts as an acoustic ?lter, so the sound of the waves would become increasingly pure as the depth increased. This pure form of sound would, theoretically, power the vor-tex-forming mechanism. 

In the 1940s and ‘50s, Viktor Schauberger, the brilliant Austrian scientist, was probably the ?rst to study micro-vor-tices in water.5 These spiral-like forms may be the missing key to the origins of life since the fundamental shape of a micro-vortex is similar to the spiral helix of DNA. Perhaps the DNA’s double-helix pattern was a consequence of sound, something we expect further research to clarify. 

The German photographer, Alexander Lauterwasser, has produced stunning images of the effects of sound on water.6 He has shown that sound creates vortices in the macro realm under certain controlled conditions. (See ‘Cymatic insights into the invisible world of sound’ by Jeff Volk) 

If the dynamic force that created life is ultimately proven to be sound, then it is interesting to note that a group of Hong Kong scientists have demonstrated that DNA molecules can be manipulated through a micro-vortex. The group may have inadvertently tapped into the very secret of life itself. Their work may inspire others to develop a better model of how life evolved and lead to a fuller understanding of sound healing.

To be continued...This is part of series of articles which will added to over the next few weeks.   Watch this space. 

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