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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Gong Work


We are in a planet-wide proliferation of humans who have the spirit of the One
Humanity on earth blossoming in their individual and collective soul.
We call this a belonging to the Global Gong Family as a World Citizen.
In the expanding gong master family there is also a non linear growth that is
occurring rapidly. It is the Arrival of heart-felt Happiness or Holistic Resonance in
the cerebral cortex.
In the world of fused metallic crystals, the flat disc-shaped gong viscerally expresses
the OM/AUM in its fullest manifest resonance as the feeling of unconditional human
kindness and compassion.
As Gong Masters in practice we know the potential released is bringing us to the
elevation of intuitive wisdom as a healing remedy to the existential disease of a
fragmented consciousness.
In 1994 I was 70 years of age when I began my current mission to spread
internationally the Gong Teachings, firstly in England and then to Europe and South
America and now 2014 in the USA.
Ten years earlier in 1984, I had dedicated myself to this selfless service or World
Seva and began it with the CCCUN in Los Angeles when I began traveling with gong
in hand across the USA. So, this year after about 45 years of gonging for the one
world spiritual humanity, beginning as a man of 35 in 1969, I am retiring from
putting the rubber to the road and getting some needed retreads on my tires.
It was in 1984 that the concept of World Peace Bell Gardens was birthed after a
meeting with VP Robert Muller of the UN. I created a template for what is now
called the Starhenge World Peace network of Sacred Gong gardens.
From stone to tone and from tone to stone is the recycling of the sonic world’s most
remarkable alloy into vortexes of higher consciousness as geomantic places of
human unification.
There are now 6 existing Starhenges in the world with 4 more planned in 2014.
After this year I see the Starhenges proliferating globally with at least one in every
country to assist us in preparing ourselves for the 1st
Please join the one gong master in all of us in this endeavor by becoming an
instrument of this manifestation with me and other gong masters of a higher calling.
If you are interested in the next step in humanity’s global illumination and wish to
relearn sacred geometry as it has evolved since pre-history in stone circle building
by the ancients, this is a good time to do so.
Let us remember to also spread the Universal Greeting which is the central theme
of the Starhenge gardens. Please see my milk of human kindness route for 2014 and
meet your true self in the form of other gong masters.
This is the year of the Journeyman gong Master. Please let us now work together.
You are another myself and I am another yourself,
 Day of World Peace.

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