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from: Susan Hale

Singing at Chartres Catherdral

Chartres Cathedral is one of the acoustic wonders of the world, a place where even whispers sound like angels. Chartres was the inspiration for my book Sacred Space-Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places which came out through Quest Books in 2007. That year I returned to Chartres for a week to sing again in this holy place,say thank you and listen for guidance. Every day brought miracles.

On my last day there after walking the labyrinth I sang under the Blue Virgin window, the oldest stain glass window in the world, and experienced my voice in ways I had never experienced before. It was as if my voice were extending downwards and upwards at the same time, mirroring the architecture of the cathedral. I sat in silence and reflected on this experience. I then asked inwardly if there was one note that I could sing that would open up the mysteries of the space. It was as if the Blue Virgin window spoke to me: \\\"Do you think there is only one note? I have heard songs of the pilgrims since the 12th century. Do you think that the voice of the soprano you heard at Vespers was more beautiful to me than the group of senior citizens who sang with their hearts? Each is precious to me, each voice sacred, each voice needed.\\\"

As I write this I wonder what stories you have to share about singing in sacred places, how your voice has changed and what messages you have been given.

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