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The Lifemusic™ Training

Places are still available on the unique Lifemusic training programme at the University of Chichester. The Lifemusic™ method uses direct access musical improvisation to enhance well-being and nurture good relationships. It is an invaluable tool in healthcare and community settings, for music therapists, in music healing and also in corporate settings where it has been found to be very useful in team building.

The training programme has already produced a team of 45 practitioners who are now using the Lifemusic method to varying degrees in their lives and in their work. This includes work with families and children, neurological-rehab, older people, young people, mental health, cancer care, migrant working communities, teams in business environments as well as people simply meeting up to “connect to time”. You do not need to be a trained musician to undertake the training, current practitioners include both trained musicians and other professionals.

The training course will be held at weekends on the Bognor Regis campus of the University of Chichester beginning with an introductory training day on September 11 and will be led by the originator of the Lifemusic method Rod Paton plus some guest input.

Further training days will be held on Oct 9/10, Nov 6/7 and a final day on Dec 4.

The cost for the full 36 hour course is £250.00

For further details and a course schedule please contact:

Dr. Rod Paton


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