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Marketing - The Whole Thing

Question: How do you know whether your marketing is working? Answer: You’ll never really know!

I think the main problem is that it's difficult to 'get' marketing.

And - if you are a Soundworker you often wish you didn't have to get involved with it.  So in my capacity as Editor of Sound Forum I thought I'd write you a little summary of the processes involved in marketing so that you can take some good marketing actions

It's quite understandable that if an event is advertised that it's direct measure is whether or not someone arrives at your door because of it.

However those who 'know' about marketing see 4 stages of marketing:

Awareness - Consideration - Decision - Purchase (ACDP)undefined

In the main the only way you can know directly that marketing works is that they 'purchased' because of it. Those that saw your ad (wherever it was) and didn't say 'yes' to it don't figure on your radar and so don't get counted. As you can see, prior to a decision there are two other stages which everyone goes through to get to a point of purchase, most of whom don't know of you and have never met you.

We don't really know much about the actions of these people on a detailed individual level. Everyone does different things in different ways but they will generally follow the ACDP pattern.  What's even more important is that there are vastly more people in Awareness and Consideration than are at the stages of Decision or Purchase.  It is those that we need to stay connected to. But until they are ready to make a decision they are always slightly 'out of reach'.

People in 'Awareness' and 'Consideration' need conversing with differently from those in 'Decision' and 'Purchase'. All need to be communicated with appropriately. Unfortunately we often get this language wrong.  However it's not difficult to work out how to fashion the right approach if you simply remind yourself of how you would be if you were in the same position.

I have designed Sound Forum along these lines to remain in touch with all those interested in Sound whether they are in 'Decision' or not.

Someone may have seen a post which referenced you today and it may cause that someone at some point in time in the future to remember you and then make a decision in your favour.  However neither you nor I nor even the person concerned (because they usually forget how) can know how they got to you.  

I've been involved in marketing for many years.  Some stuff works and some stuff doesn't.  As to the specific reasons ‘why’ heaven only knows.  I just keep the faith and carry on banging my drum.  Sound Forum works - I don't know in detail why - but it does.

As for your own choices; You can either give up and go home or “Have faith and Keep On Going”.

This means that you maintain yourself in that Awareness bubble where most people are. Don't expect the marketing to work 'rationally'. It never does.  You really never know the journey people have made to find you.  You stay consistent and persistent.  Make some regular time for marketing and just do it. Spread your message across different places - websites, message boards, social networking sites, tell other people you know, include it in the footer of your emails. And most important of all: Spend money wisely and be prepared to give time over to this task. It's a 'mindfulness' practice all on its own. The mental discipline is good for you.  

And if you don't do this?  You get out of marketing what you put in.

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