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Words from people who have chanted with HariPyari (Naomi) and friends:

“HariPyari is a natural mystic! Her sweet singing and gentle spirit light up the hearts of everyone lucky enough to sing with her” - Jai Uttal (International Kirtan Wallah)

“Chanting with HariPyari opens the heart and lifts the spirit” – Jo Manual (founder of The Special Yoga Centre)

"It was obvious from my initial contact with Special Yoga that they were a professional, reliable and caring company. Hermione and Naomi delivered exceptionally inspiring [yoga and chanting] workshops at the British Airways Community Learning Centre for children within our local community. The children were interested, motivated and left the centre somewhat uplifted. Many special thanks to you and I look forward to working with you again in the future." – Deborah Workman (British Airways)

“Dear Naomi, Thank you for the lovely kirtan session yesterday. I’m not surprised that nobody wanted to leave, it was beautifully organized with all the different instruments available and you engaged everybody and that made it special.” – Darryl de Cunha (Director of Way of Therapy)

“The light that pours forth from HariPyari as she sings to God is the voice of God Herself” – Venus CuMara (Bhakti Poet and founder of Reclaim Love)

“Dear Naomi… Your Chanting circle is inspirational and most enjoyable on many, many different levels. Danny and yourself created beautiful music coupled with powerful mantra’s which seemed to evoke an enormous amount of positivity in my life! I can’t thank you enough for creating the space and atmosphere conducive with such deep spiritual transformation.”
 – Brian Walsh

“With HariPyari´s natural shinning presence and beautiful singing we can journey into the spiritual energies of ancient India and feel much involved and inspired to  sing along. It is such a gift to see such deep and humble connection with the sacredness of the bhajans in a young western women.” – Raquel Cruz

Words from people who have done Shakti Dance with HariPyari (Naomi):

“After every Shakti Dance class I feel deep grounded and connected to my heart centre. Hari Pyari teaches yoga in her warm hearted, intuitive, peaceful and kind nature, full of love, joy and deep inner wisdom. She brings in so much energy and warmth; and you always can feel her deep connection to mother earth. She inspires me everytime” - Maria Hirsch (Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer & Natropath)

“Hari Pyari is a wonderful, natural, intuitive and devotional Shakti Dance teacher. In the caring space that she facilitates you will truly be able to dance your own dance!" - Malcolm Medley (Yoga Teacher)

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