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Annette De Saulles
Annette trained for a year with the British Academy of Sound Therapists in Chichester.  Her interest began a few years ago at a talk to the Sussex Dowsers on the healing potential of tuning forks.  She subsequently learnt to use chakra forks as well as gongs and drums.

She has four gongs, two ‘earth’ and two ‘wind’ and gives individual treatments as well as group sound baths or ‘gong meditations’.  She explains, before the session, how the power of resonance from the gongs enables the negative energy stored in one’s system to be released.  This leaves room for positive/healing energy to flow, so that the client (having released what was holding him/her back) is re-energised and free to make the desired changes in their life.  The important thing, she feels, is to allow sufficient time, before the session starts, for the client to relax fully and set their personal intention. 

“As sound is still a relatively unknown therapy, clients can often be nervous at first and unsure what to expect.  So I keep the sessions informal, flexible and cheerful and encourage anyone worried about lying on the floor to bring plenty of comfortable bedding or a reclining chair, so that they can relax and make the most of the treatment”.

“But you never know what is going to happen.  One lady (who had only come to drop off her friend) agreed to try a short session on the therapy couch.  When she got up she didn’t speak for a while, so I asked her if she was ok.  “Yes, but I hardly dare believe it – my tinnitus has gone!” she said.  I never saw her again, so I don’t know if the tinnitus came back.  I imagine she would have needed another few treatments to get the full benefit, but who knows.


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