Barbara Meiklejohn–Free

Barbara Meiklejohn–Free
Barbara Meiklejohn – Free is a healer, author, musician and teacher - all of which she employs in weaving the ancient craft of the Shaman.

As the UK's best-loved custodian of the ancient ways and with decades of practising and teaching authentic healing and communication techniques across the globe her work is synonymous with integrity, authenticity and vision, helping thousands to reclaim their natural gifts as guardians of Mother Earth and descendants of Father Sky.

Recognised as the UK's best loved and hardest working 'wise-woman', Barbara has been communing with Spirit since the age of 12, and founded Daughters of Gaia and now after many years of assisting others on their journeys across the country she is inviting you to experience the majesty and mystery of ‘life’ first hand through the spirit of the drum and the calling of your authentic voice.

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Walking The Sacred Wheel, The Shaman Within

An all encompassing homestudies course created by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free (Honourary Elder, Seer and High Priestess with 30 years experience as a practising Shaman, Teacher and Healer) and in partnership with Sacred Circles Institute, CA, USA. read more


Since the very beginning of creation, every one of us has been searching for the first primordial beat of life, the pulse that runs through our entire body connecting us back to the heart beat of Moth read more

Tending The Garden Of Our Soul

Most of us will face a time (if not more than once) when we ask what is the point of life? Specifically, why do we as individuals exist? No child is born knowing what they want to ‘do’ – for they are simply happy to ‘be’. But then the child is taught that ‘being’ is not enough, aspirations are imposed and ‘doing’ overtakes all. Well, I want to share with you a truth that I have discovered - that in cultivating our ‘selves’, going back to our roots, through our past incarnations ... read more

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