Dee Banton

Dee Banton
Dee has been interested in sound and music from an early age and began playing folk and classical guitar intuitively at the age of 10. In 1988 she began her healing path with hands on healing with crystals colour and mediumship.
In 1991 she received Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, which had an instant effect on her life, opening her consciousness to the power of sound.
Dee says “As a Shaman and Medium, the sound opened a doorway to alternate dimensions and past live healing bringing a deep connection with my Soul.” Using Tibetan Bowls for healing she developed “Tibetan Bowl Therapy”, and trained in kinesiology to extend the use of the tuning forks, using techniques to enable a deeper healing process which including an introduction to the use of the Chinese method of the 5 elements and the meridians.
Dee founded the International School of Vibrational Healing in 2003 in Glastonbury and in 2008 moved to Calne near Avebury, Wiltshire where she began building her international connections. The School focuses on Self Empowerment through Sound, Crystals, Colour and other forms of Vibrational Healing.
Ceremony and the Sacred Landscapes, and connecting with Mother Earth through sound anchors your grid on the earth plane connecting you to your ancestors, simultaneously, you are giving back, and offering your gratitude for all you have received.
Dee wrote and created a Sound Therapy Practioner Course, which consists of 5 days intense modules with the voice, rainstick, Tibetan bowls, tingshaws tuning forks and gongs, which has been taught by her over the last 15 years in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.
Her 3 Cd were created for a deep inner healing using various sound instruments and the voice.

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04 Mar 2016
Dee Banton

Spend a few minutes listening to this sample of Dee’s amazing sound healing therapy. Dee’s monthly sessions are ideal for relaxation after a stressful week, helping you to drift away, enter a meditative state or just unwind, removing tension when you need it most, leaving you refreshed and calm. Teresa P

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