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Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel is a classically trained pianist and violinist having studied music at Royal Holloway University of London. He has been a professional musician for 15 years, playing in a variety of successful bands on both his electric violin and on keyboard. He teaches piano, theory, harmony, composition and music technology ‘A’ level as well as teaching musical improvisation and comedy. Joe Samuel has been the musical director of the long running, BAFTA nominated sketch comedy show, ‘The Treason Show’ in Brighton for 6 years. He is also the musical director of ‘The Maydays’ improvisation group as well as being guest musical director for a number of other improvisation projects in Brighton and London. Joe’s interest in harmony and analysis has also led him to discovering a new way of teaching and understanding chords and harmony, and he now runs a project called SeeChord which helps students, teachers and songwriters hone their skills. SeeChord.co.uk is the hub of this project.

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Sing without singing

We have many people coming to our workshops who claim that they Cannot sing. When asked to do scale warm ups, they claim that they have a very limited range and they find it hard to pitch a note. I read more

Musicals podcast

Hello all, Myself and Heather Urquhart have just released our latest podcast about improvising in the style of musical theatre and opera. You can listen to it here: http://www.weebly.com/uploads/1/ read more


We learn through playing. Okay, we learn through other methods also like practise, repetition,experience and tutoring, but play is surely the most joyful and, more importantly, sub-conscious method o read more

Improv at Edinburgh

I have just returned from two weeks at the Edinburgh festival, playing keyboards for Music Box. We do full improvised muscals based on audience suggestions. Now I know that improvised musicals have read more

Music workshop

Hi all, we still have a few places left on our musical improv comedy weekend on 25th and 26th (this weekend) in London. We are going to be exploring song structures, melody, harmony, comedic devices read more


The verse. The ubiquitous beginning of any song. Alright, there are songs that start with a chorus, but the verse will always be there, ready to set the scene. There are so many different structure read more

The chorus

The Chorus is the mainstay of comedy improvised songs. EVen when verses go awry, or amazing rhymes disappear, or the melody is ditched for a one-note song, the chorus can come along and leave a sense read more

The Perfect Cadence

This article is in podcast form. I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting. It is an excerpt from a whole show exploring the construction of music from the basic elements of a chord, through to pr read more

Car Scene (Improv)

read more

Musical Improvised Comedy

I am still suffering flashbacks from our last comedy music improv weekend. Strange scenes of gyrating Paul McCartneys, uplifting duets in space, filth and fury in Primark and unmentionable scenes i read more


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