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Kees Peters
As a young child I made my own drums and flutes from natural materials.
I played for sick animals from a deep knowing of healing resonance.
Later, I lost my innocence and I translated my deep longing for looking into the inner world into
a study: I started to become a biochemist. For a long period I did research in the deep inside of
the living cell, where energy constantly changes. Luckily during this period I had contact with my
selfhealing: I was a good pianist and I started to improvise. On free jazz stages I discovered the
possibility of guiding sounds with intention, with openess, with invitation.

In my midlife, around ’86, I stopped working as an academic.
From this time I studied process work, psychosynthesis and art therapy.
I travelled a lot in Asia where I met tibetan teachers, buddhists and shamans.
My present teacher is Almaas ( Ridhwan).
At the beginning of this century I met my companion Coen Tuerlings.
We both “danced” in the total spectrum of the possibilities of sound.
This resulted in Soundfulness.

My deepened knowledge fits in Masterclasses where people can widen their perception and direct
this in a new guiding leadership in this changing world. Themes for Masterclasses are:
Being with Death, processing states of transformation via not-knowing and non-doing.
Ritual Tr ance, experiencing expanded awareness which invites deep sensing.
Voice Healing, a voice retrieval where you can express your origin, your soul.

Soundfulness trainer
Psychosynthesis facilitator
Shamanic practitioner
Soundtherapist Peter Hess Institute Germany
Soundfulness trainer
Psychosynthesis facilitator
Shamanic practitioner
Soundtherapist Peter Hess Institute Germany

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