Susan Hale

Susan Hale
Susan Elizabeth Hale MA is the author of Sacred Space Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places and Song and

Silence: Voicing the Soul.  Susan is creator of Earth Day-Sing for the Trees, an annual global celebration every April 22. She lives in England where she communes with ancient trees and holy wells and is currently writing a juvenile fiction novel.

She does what she loves and we love what she does. Now moving towards her retirement we regard her as a great Sound Forum Friend. We occasionally like to encourage her to offer us the magic of her words and her wisdom for the benefit of those that love her from all across the world. We maintain an archive of her articles for future generations of sound healers.

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26 Oct 2010

"I didn't know who I was. I hadn't heard my true self. How can I stand up for myself if I don't really know who I am? Now I have my voice back." Donna, Albuquerque, New Mexico “You changed my life/blew the cap off a dormant volcano. The woman truly has a way to open a stone without cracking it.” Ondewewe, Santa Fe, New Mexico “My voice has found its feet!” Alice, Albuquerque, New Mexico “I am now finally free to allow the song of my life to emerge. I may not be a great singer, but I am a song. My life is a song.” Joy, Albuquerque, New Mexico “Susan has a deep, gentle, yet strong ability to listen and connect and a rare ability for support, one only found with the best of healers. We met during my darkest hour – I was struggling with a complete breakdown of my health. The sessions were tailored for what I could neurologically and emotionally integrate. No goal was unworthy or insignificant. It gave me something to live for during a dark and difficult time. It is significant that we worked by phone almost exclusively for five years. Her ability to hear and feel me, to listen, transcended the distance. As I see my growth over these years in my ability to listen to my stillness, my sound, to all the “scary” places in me, I can feel the influence of our sessions. Making peace with all my sounds brings joy and I find that it frees my song." Susi, California "Thank you, Susan for mentoring me. A whole new life has evolved to balance my 40 years of nursing with more alive ideas and dreams. The vocal toning and sounding reawakens the creative, joyful, trusting little girl in me who was shut down. And I find "more of me" daily as I teach and learn about music/singing with others and as I volunteer at the bedsides of the dying with the thresholdchoir.org here in NYC." Ruth, Yonkers, NY

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Ebook Promtotion on Book about Finding Your Voice

Just in time for Earth Day-Sing for the Trees is an ebook sale on my book Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation. Read about Emma finding her voice to sing to the dying Great Mother tree in the Shining Land. And join with Emma this Earth Day April 22 at noon wherever you are in the world. Sing for the Trees you love. a href=https://www.amazon.co.ukread more
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Earth Day-Sing for the Trees

Its time to sing for our trees again! April 22 at noon, wherever you are in the world, sing for the trees you love. I was a guest on Harriet Springbetts Playground about Sing for the Trees and my new juvenile fiction novel Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation. https://harrietspringbett.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/sing-for-the-tread more
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Songs of Praise for Don Campbell

With the passing of Don Campbell earlier this month on June2, we all lost a great friend in the world of sound healing. I believe it was Don who brought more attention and acclaim to this field through his teachings and book The Mozart Effect. What stands out most for me was his generosity of spirit. It was through Don that my book Sacred Space-read more
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Earth Day-Sing for the Trees

Earth Day - Sing for the Trees April 22, 2012 Noon Wherever you are on the planet Sing to your favorite trees. Join a global perpetual choir to create awareness about our reciprocal relationship with trees. A Single Idea Planted With Hope - In January 2010 a single idea was planted on the fertile ground of read more
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Reflections On Dissonance

Reflection One: While we strive for consonance and harmony in our lives, the truth is we live in a world where we are often bombarded by sounds dissonant to our bodies. Cell phones, computers, the flat line of electricity, trains, planes and automobiles all have dissonance foreign to our biology that can have a damaging effect on ouread more
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Praise for M1 Shruti Box

Intoning my mantra while playing the M1 Shruti Box (available here) has helped me to slow down, to breathe more fully and to bring my focus to sacred sounds in a more profound way. I feel I am embodying the mantra on a deeper level. The sounds aread more
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Sing As If All Life Matters

April 22 marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Last month I posted an event on Sounds Travels, in my newsletter and on my two websites www.songkeeper.net and www.treesplease.webs. com. Already over 1,000 people have responded and the read more
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Reflections on Singing

Spider Woman tells me to sing...She tells me to go deep within my song to reweave myself… not just to sing while I cook or hum in the grocery line, not just join a choir…Spider Woman tells me to sing …She tells me to go deeper than I have before…Deeper than the words I’m writing, deeper than a cave within the earth… Spider Woman tells me to sread more
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Reflections on the Messiah

\\\Lift Up Thy Voice with Strength Be Not Afraid\\\ These words from the Bible have been reverberating within me these last several days after singing Handel\\\s Messiah. I am keeping a family tradition. Every year my mother sang in the Messiah. When I was very young I remember being so bored I drew the faces of the choir members on the progread more
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Singing to Trees

We are at a crisis today because of global warming. The conference on Global Warming in Copenhagan will take place soon. Here are a few facts: One of the largest causes of global warming is deforestation of the rain forest. 15% of the trees lost to deforestation are used for toilet tissue. There are over 8,000 species of trees and 10% of them are fread more
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Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices “Humming and singing, she shaped them. Humming and singing, Placed them where they belonged. This was how the directions came to be. How the seasons came to be.” Paula Gunn Allen 1 The Keres people believe the world began with Spider Woman singing. Humming and singing she shaped the world. Everything that is came from Spiread more
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Sound and Silence

\\\Music invents silence\\\ Octavio Paz from the poem On Reading John Cage 1 This morning, like many mornings I sang as part of a sound practice. Most often I chant mantras but this morning I sang Leonard Cohen\\\s Hallelujah, for me a hymn of transcendence. After I sang I sat in silence, allowing a rich deep dark silence to fill me. I believread more
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What is the story of your voice?

Growing up we hear many messages about our voices. Many are told they are tone deaf and can\\\t sing. Others are told they are too intense and should tone down. Some are told to keep family secrets or told they are too sensitive. All of these can translate into vocal blocks and inhibit us from expressing our natural heritage as singers. One wread more
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Singing at Chartres Catherdral

Chartres Cathedral is one of the acoustic wonders of the world, a place where even whispers sound like angels. Chartres was the inspiration for my book Sacred Space-Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places which came out through Quest Books in 2007. That year I returned to Chartres for a week to sing again in this holy place,say thank yoread more
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New From Susan Hale

I've been a bit quiet on Sound Forum the last several years. What with immigrating to a new country and learning to drive I haven't been as much in the public eye. During the past several years I have also been bringing a new book to publication which is now available. read more

Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

New book by Susan Elizabeth Hale read more

Book Review for Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras

Vowels, Consonants and Syllables for Spiritual Transformation read more

The Fine Art of Vocal Toning

How to deepen your experience of toning read more

Vocal Toning - VIDEO

Vocal Toning - VIDEO read more

Sacred Sounds of Maltas Oracle Chamber

Journey into Sacred Space and Sound exploring the resonant Oracle Chamber of Malta's Hypogeum read more

"Sing To The Trees" - Earth Day 2011

Video of Susan Hale at Glastonbury read more

Earth Day - Sing for the Trees

Enchanting the Land - In January 2010 a single idea was planted on the fertile ground of Facebook. It was a simple call: Create your own Woodstock. On Earth Day, April 22, 2010 sing to your favorite tree. read more

Singing the Michael and Mary Lines in Avebury

Personal Journey read more

The Inner Landscape of the Voice in Therapy

Over the years I have helped many people find and free their voices. As a music therapist I have witnessed women who have been silenced by abuse. This excerpt of a private session, used with permissio read more

Ancient Voices

“Humming and singing, she shaped them. Humming and singing, Placed them where they belonged. This was how the directions came to be. How the seasons came to be.” Paula Gunn Allen 1 The Keres people believe the world began with Spider Woman singing. Humming and singing she shaped the world. Everything that is came from Spider Woman’s song. According to the Athabascan people of Western Canada,the world began when Asintmah wove songs into the Great Blanket of Earth read more

YouTube: Earth Day - Sing For The Trees

Susan invites us to join her for Earth Day, April 22nd - check out her YouTube video - Sing For The Trees - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD_lGoWZJys read more

Spazio Sacro Suono Sacro

To her Italian fans, Susan has an announcement: Her book is now available in Italian through Editioni Mediterranae Spazio Sacro Suono Sacro:I Misteri Acustici Dei Luoghi Sacri Price: 24,90 Euros O read more

The Harmonic Hum

In the beginning Spider Woman hummed life into being. Through her song she shaped the world. Mountains, rivers, elm trees and oaks came into form. Human development shares the same metaphor as this La read more

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