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Introducing Solid Ingot Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks.

 A major innovation in the world of vibrational healing.

Achieve high frequency sonic healing with pure quartz crystal tuning forks that vibrate in and through any bone and emanate a pure frequency that is gentle and effective. Invoke your inner greatness with these custom fibre optic quality base elements and create a pleasant and natural entrainment with the devic worlds.

The new forks incorporate traditional tuning fork design projects a sign wave of pure silicon quartz crystal that entrains the body's crystalline bone lattice structure, meridian system and chakra points and overall affects the planetary grid and sacred patterning. Due to the neutrality of quartz, intention manifests a faster and cleaner waveform through the forks and acts as a projector of light through the fibre optic clarity of each fork.

A magnificent energy conductor, the quartz crystal tuning fork is designed for the professional practitioner and plays for a full five minutes with one tap of the rubber mallet. Acupressure, cranial sacral and massage therapy practitioners will find that the quartz tuning forks add new and rapidly emanated dimensions to their healing modalities. Available in full diatonic scale of low C to High C.

Each crystal tuning fork has a rod diameter of 16mm, an average length of 50 cm and comes with the rubber ball beater.

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Crystal Tuning Forks

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