Dancing Helix

Dancing Helix is an amazing discovery. When slowly rotating it naturally take the form of a helix. Then when any rib is touched, it propagates the impulse as a wave moving through the mobile. After playing out its energy the wave is then absorbed back into the helical form. The quality of how the rib is moved is reflected back in the quality of the wave.

Dancing Helix has a central spine made from a thin strip of neoprene, a rubbery material. It has thin wire ribs that are attached perpendicular to the spine. Each rib ends in a bead. It has a weight at the bottom to create tension on the spine. And it is suspended from the ceiling, attached to an intermittent rotating motor for the most complexity in its dance.

Dancing Helix reveals the pattern that is archetypical to all life, the wave. In watching it's dance, like watching the waves where ocean meets shore or the turbulence of a mountain stream, we are both relaxed and refreshed.

It comes with a Twirling Motor that keeps the DNA spiral constantly spinning. Ideal for creating a calming pattern for your Dancing Helix.

Dancing Helix

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