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UK, 1:1 Sound Therapy Practitioner Course, Helen Campbell, 10 Walnut Close, Stretton, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7QQ, 04 Jun 2021


The Sound Therapy Practitioner Course consists of 20 hours of teaching which can be tailored in part to a practitioner’s needs i.e. a stronger focus in one or two areas, less in another.

The teaching cover the following key aspects:
• Sounding the OM
• Vocal Toning
• Shamanic Instruments
• Tibetan Singing Bowls and tingshas
• Crystal Singing Bowls
• Tuning Forks
• Gongs
• Working with Guides and Your Spiritual Team
• Client Care and Best Practices
• Homework and Case Studies

The other focus of the course is to include a service element to it – that of being a ‘Sound Warrior’, bringing balance and order to the collective conscious through sound.

Online Element

The first 5 to 10 hours of the course can be taught online in live one hour 1:1 sessions over Google Meet. This helps you to allow time to integrate each lesson before the next and the recommendation would be for these to be weekly or fortnightly. Each session builds on the previous.

In person Element (In Rutland, UK)

Sound is a felt vibrational therapy so although some areas can be covered online the majority needs to be in person so that you too can experience the sound vibration and gain an appreciation of what your clients will feel.

This also gives you the opportunity to try different gongs, singing bowls etc before you decide what you wish to buy for yourself.

A typical teaching day would be 5 teaching hours from 10am to 4pm with an hour break for lunch, though can be tailored for individual needs.

The in person days can be on consecutive days or one day per week/weekend, it is totally up to you and any constraints on my calendar.

In person days can start from when the Covid restrictions are lifted to allow for 2 households to gather indoors.


The full price for this course is £1110 but will be discounted to £999 for the first 10 students.

Payment by instalments of 4 x £250 is also possible (you pay in advance for 5 hours at a time).

About the Teacher – Helen Campbell

Helen comes from a life time and past life times of working with sound, crystals and other vibrational modalities. It is her life purpose in this incarnation to bring sound therapy teaching to those who share a similar passion for sound and who have a felt service to humanity.

How to Sign Up to This Course

Please email or ring Helen Campbell in the first instance to arrange a chat to first see if this course is right for you. The chat will be a short (30 minute approx.) Google Meet session to discuss your prior experience and what you want from the course.
Contact: Helen Campbell on 07450 509894 or helenjcam@gmail.com

1:1 Sound Therapy Practitioner Course

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