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Jeanne Hampshire

Posted:Jeanne Hampshire

UK, DARTINGTON NEAR TOTNES, DEVON - Replenishing Autumn Retreat in nature with the trees: Qi practices, deep breathwork and sound bath, Jeanne Hampshire and Sophia Magdalena Mostyn, Nest in the Glade, North Woods, Dartington, Devon TQ9 6EH, 02 Oct 2021

Replenishing autumn retreat in nature with the trees:
Qi practices, deep breathwork and sound bath

The Nest in the Glade
Parsonage Copse, North Woods, Dartington, Devon TQ9 6EH

Saturday 2 October 2021 from 10.00am to 4.30pm

Autumn is a time to harvest the seeds we have sown this year and to energetically separate the wheat from the chaff; to appreciate and keep what nourishes or replenishes and release what no longer serves or prevents life energy flow. In the Taoist 5 element system, autumn is connected to Metal and the lungs which highlight the powerful energy of the breath to allow feelings to flow freely creating space for harmony and peace.

As we let go of outworn beliefs and negative emotions with compassion and unconditional love, the immune system, resilience and the whole energy body are strengthened and nourished by Qi Healing Sounds and outdoor Qigong meditation movement. We return to embracing the authentic self to fulfil our soul’s purpose.

The Nest surrounded by Dartington Woods is the beautiful ‘in the round’ dedicated sacred space for our practices which include:

• Journeying round the Astro-mandala - an introductory astrological overview of current planetary configurations to get the best from our practices
• Taoist meditation, healing sounds and Qigong movement in nature with the trees
• Conscious connected breathwork and radical enquiry
• Releasing past fears, limitations, outworn beliefs
• Outdoor Fire ceremony
• Bringing in new choices for a fully authentic, embodied life
• Sound bath - integration and healing assimilation
• Co-hosted by Jeanne Hampshire (Life Spheres) and Sophia Magdalena Mostyn (Breathwork)

Practical details: Prior booking and payment required: Ticket £75 or £65 concessions.
Non-returnable deposit of £25 or full payment is essential to secure place – there are limited spaces. If the event has to be cancelled, your deposit will be refunded. Deposit or full payment to be made before Wednesday 29 September. Any remaining balance to be paid in full before start of retreat on Saturday 2 October.
Via Paypal - go to enter the amount using friends and family option (rather than goods and services) give reference 1GLADE and send.
* Send booking message and confirm payment to:
* If you prefer you can pay directly to bank account - email me for information
* On receipt of deposit or full payment you will be emailed a ticket confirmation and further details about the retreat, preparations required, venue information and directions, parking details and what to bring.

Any questions, please ask…and feel free to share details with anyone who would benefit and love it!

• Jeanne Hampshire Life Spheres
• Sophia Magdalena Mostyn Breathwork

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 02-10-2021
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : Jeanne Hampshire and Sophia Magdalena Mostyn
  • Time : 10.00am to 4.30pm BST
  • Address : Nest in the Glade, North Woods, Dartington, Devon TQ9 6EH
  • Contact Name : Jeanne Hampshire
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07743478219
  • Pricing Details : Ticket £75, concessions £65, deposit £25 - essential to secure place
  • Website : and
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DARTINGTON NEAR TOTNES, DEVON - Replenishing Autumn Retreat in nature with the t

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