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Posted:Al Trinity

UK, LONDON - Alchemy Sound Healing GONG BATH NORTH LONDON SACRED GEOMETRY INSTALLATION /150MINUTES, Alchemy Sound Healing, North London, 19 Feb 2022

Using unique sacred geometry projections to help you set a powerful intention for your manifestation focus, We will guide you to a truly and very unique sound healing journey.
2 .5 hours of pure sound healing with an amazing array of gongs and other instruments as well as EFT emotional freedom techniques, hypnosis and aromatherapy all in one session.
Al Trinity of Alchemy Sound Healing is a Multi Certified Gong Master Sound Therapist trained by Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, Sheila Whitaker to name a few and certified by Gong Master Training, CMA, and the International Therapist Association as well as IOATH, He is also accredited and trained in Hypnotherapy, EFT Meridian Point tapping which he is a Master in. Al is the founder of Evolutionary Sound Therapy and also a therapist at Triyoga London.

Using Shamanic influences and inspiration from Kundalini Yoga he taps into an impressive variety of instruments from huge symphonic gong, crystal bowls to other sacred healing instruments to really open your mind and perform deep healing meditation.

Al has a connection to sacred healing and Sacred Geometry that goes back through generations and he is continuing his families legacy.
He is developing his unique Sound Energy Practice that combines the power of sound with energy and soul healing. Drawing upon his ancestral lineage and relationship with the Spirit Realms, Albert Trinity is producing energetic layerings and protection constantly with his Spirit teams and mentors. Trinity's gift to work using multiple practices of hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping energy, whilst healing with sound and spreading love within ceremonial practices is what sets him apart.
With Joanna Bilik who is a Gong Master and Sound Healer trained by Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre and an alumni of Alchemy Sound Healing. With roots that go way back through generations of healers and benefactors at the service of humanity.
She has a huge interest since youth in the esoteric and a deep passion for healing others and channeling energy helping people. She uses techniques with different sound healing instruments with visualization of color, energy and movement manifesting healing and opening the minds to self healing, the realisation of higher vibrational powers of sound. Creating a natural energetic resonance.
Working closely with unique sacred geometry and ascended masters Al brings it all together in a perfect synergy of events that lift the soul.
As we elevate our energies to another plane and re-emerge as the best of ourselves revitalised and ready to face all the dark corners of our psyche that hinders us down.
And turn those corners into manifestation fuel.
Forsaking freely and powerfully any negative behaviours that might surround us giving us more empowerment and momentum.
Shutting down the noise of fleeting negative noise and elevating to another plane.
Places are limited and tickets our??
Join our facebook group or whats up group community on the link below once you join just drop us a message and we will take care of the rest for you ??
To book a spot feel free to message me alternatively you can PayPal us at with the chosen date and your email address as the reference or via Eventbrite. Spaces are limited.[0]=AT2H8mhtUBf-M2OABWfiNa29xq8UTnvRVc3hiRPCfbHHzm28opVXThYOq8QL6ALsaUl5jFveRKGNvseA5qXDevTDFNJJIHNsONQVeNqLP6eWeC3T1YnvmVopRZCJiKrNM08

If unable to attend you are welcome to reschedule to another of our events or send someone in your place.

You will receive an email booking confirmation upon booking with all the details. Please make sure to provide us with your email when booking.
Looking forward to share this special energy with all of you ????????
Yoga mats and blankets provided but there is a limit of 15 per session so first come first served.

Delicious home made fresh lemongrass lemonade will be available included.

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 19-02-2022
  • End Date : 16-01-2022
  • Facilitator : Alchemy Sound Healing
  • Time : 7pm-9.30pm
  • Address : North London
  • Contact Name : Al Trinity
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07880694448
  • Pricing Details : 25
  • Website :
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