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Christine Heckel

Posted:Christine Heckel

Spain, MARBELLA - NEW: Peter Hess® Sound Massage Level I Online Training, Christine Heckel, , 16 Oct 2021

Peter Hess, as the developer of Peter Hess® Sound Massage, has developed this online seminar because we live in times when many people need support. A meaningful engagement with relaxation is a good way to direct our actions and thoughts to something that is good for us.

Take a voyage of discovery with the sounds to your own depths and possibilities! !

With this online seminar I would like to invite you to use the current situation to experience and learn the beneficial sound massage together with your partner, a family member or another person!

(Re)perceiving your own body, the (newly) emerging mindfulness towards yourself is a gift to yourself! To feel, perhaps after a long time, how your body breathes a sigh of relief; how you perceive your breath again as a flow that transports your life energy, is a profound experience.

This online seminar serves your relaxation and contributes to the strengthening of your health as well as to stress reduction and stress prevention. You will safely learn Peter Hess® basic sound massage. It is primarily dedicated to getting to know, experiencing and safely learning basic sound massage and gives concrete suggestions on how you can use the singing bowls and sound massage for yourself, your family and friends as well as for other people.
This will provide you with valuable methods for doing good for yourself, your loved ones and others in these challenging times!

The aim of this online seminar is to teach Peter Hess® Sound Massage as a holistic method. You will experience the effect of the sounds in various exercises. You will receive and give an introductory sound massage for:

- the back
- the feet
- the hands
- the whole body

You will be able to apply these safely after the seminar. In this way, you will experience basic sound massage yourself, receive initial instructions for its application and give sound massage independently.

Courses will take place on …

Saturday 16th October 2021 from 11 am - 2pm and 3 pm to 7 pm (Madrid time)
Sunday 17th October 2021 from 11 am - 2pm and 3 pm to 6 pm (Madrid time)

A few days later a final session takes place on Wednesday 20th October 2021 from 7 pm to approx. 9 pm (Madrid time).

You will receive a certificate of attendance for the seminar, which entitles you to attend all further training and specialist seminars with the prerequisite: Sound Massage Level I.

You need a second person who is available to experience Sound Massage!
This person can enjoy the sound massage free of charge. OR it can also be someone who also wants to attend the seminar, this person will get a partner discount of 50%.
When registering, please let us know who your partner will be and whether he or she wants to participate actively or passively in the seminar.

Call today for further information and to reserve your place.

We love to welcome you! Thank you!

MARBELLA - NEW: Peter Hess® Sound Massage Level I Online Training

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