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Chloë Goodchild

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Planet Earth, ONLINE - Your Vocal Impulse Advanced Practicum: Shifting into a New Octave of Consciousness Through Voice & Sound, Chloe Goodchild, ONLINE, 01 Jul 2019

International Singer, Educator, Voice Pioneer & Author Chloe Goodchild
New 14-Week Live Video Training Starts Monday, July 1, 2019
Includes 7-Module Introductory Program!

Transform difficult emotions, release blocked energy, and heal old narratives to liberate your authentic Self — through the healing sounds of your own voice.

Discover 7 musical modes (not taught by Chloe before!) that reveal the tones of your true emotions— and your soul.

“Your soul is here for its own joy”
The great Sufi poet Rumi wrote those words to convey that your natural state is happiness…
Yet how do you liberate this lightness of Being within you?

International singer and voice pioneer Chloe Goodchild shows us that an easily accessible and powerful approach to unveiling your joyful soul self — and your innate knowing of who you really are — is available through your own authentic voice.

She’s taught thousands across the globe that sounding our own voice activates an ancient medicine and a spiritual practice that can help us awaken the inner music of our soul — our healing wisdom that dwells beneath the surface waiting to be liberated.

In The Vocal Impulse Advanced Practicum, you’ll rediscover that this healing sound is the ground of your being — and your birthright.

Inspired by seven distinct musical modes and through non-judgmental listening, you’ll learn to master proven musical meditative practices that can help you evolve your emotional moods into deeper states of positive feelings.

During this comprehensive 14-week training, you’ll:
- Experience the connection between an emotional mood and a musical mode
- Start to use your voice to gain self-awareness through “sound awareness” uncovering hidden or suppressed emotions and expressing them through sound
- Discover your body as a musical instrument, as you learn to voice the 7 Sounds of Love
- Learn to hear and to improvise with the 7 musical modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian & Locrian) as transformative vibrational maps of the soul
- Access open-heartedness as you navigate and express melodies of the Ionian mode
- Master the art of simultaneously listening, observing, and engaging with an emotion as it arises, expressing and evolving its sound, without fear
- Experience how the Dorian mode helps you to lighten up, and embrace uncertainty, confusion, and overwhelm
- Discover how the Aeolian mode can shift depression into longing for a deeper union
- Meditate on how the shadow and light emotions within you actually balance — or generate friction — in your life, to discern an essential action to be taken
- Awaken and explore your heart-song resounding in the Lydian mode, as you let go of attachment to old stories
- Learn how the Phrygian musical intervals can help you to transmute unresolved anger, shame, and blame into an intense, unstoppable creative energy & passion
- Explore jazz and blues songs to hear how the Mixolydian mode melts your heart into an irresistible love song and sublime joy
- Discover which mode is your vocal medicine
- Explore and build a repertoire of your favorite songs and poems, and discover the modes they express
- And much more...

“Now my voice is clear, strong, and even beautiful”
Chloe is phenomenal and has a true gift of bringing out your authentic soul voice. Her teaching is beautifully feminine, of which any walk of life could relate to, even us "non-singers." Now my voice is clear, strong, and even beautiful. Thank you so much, Chloe!
— Daisy Pongrakthai, Kettle Falls, Washington

“…in such a short time I encountered my true voice...”
The beauty and subtlety of the experience of learning to listen and trust what is unraveling in my depths while allowing the fixations and chatter of my ego to be emptied with compassion and unconditional regard was truly liberating. It’s amazing how in such a short time I encountered my true voice and resonance with a mixed community of peoples from all over the globe. It inspires me hereon to receive people I meet from this authenticity, and to resonate with them the truth that defines what is meaningful and creative in our relationships and lives together as a community.
— Marisa, Manila, Philippines

“…helped me release pressures and criticisms...”
In this spectacular course, Chloe gave me a gift that I treasure greatly. These three words — Express, not impress — have impacted my life, and have helped me release pressures and criticisms in favor of fluid, honest expression.
— Marisa Brenizer, California

“Chloe can bring your voice out without any pressure.”
This course encouraged self-expression and the power of my own sound in daily life. I discovered that the more work I did the more happiness and connection I felt throughout the day. I recommend this course for the easiness in communicating with others from around the globe. Chloe can bring your voice out without any pressure.
— Jessica Boeters, United Kingdom

“…different and unique from conventional singing lessons.”
I was able to find and allow myself to unleash the deepest and purest me, the unknown of my soul in being able to express happiness, contentment, and peace through the new discovery of my voice with the singing practices of this course. Chloe’s practices and teachings are different and unique from conventional singing lessons. The feelings I experienced were real, raw, and authentic, and unleashed the naked, pure sound in me.
— Elke Ch. Lackner, Brisbane, Australia

ONLINE - Your Vocal Impulse Advanced Practicum: Shifting into a New Octave of Co

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