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Sharry Edwards

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USA, ONLINE - 2 Day Technician Class, Sharry Edwards, 5151 Alton St, 06 Jul 2018

The Entry Level BioAcoustic Technician Class
BioAcoustic Basics

The BioAcoustic Technician Workshop is a prerequisite for the 5 day Professional Seminar provided to advanced professionals or for those who want to prepare as a BioAcoustic Provider. This workshop is designed to acquaint the student with the introduction and background of Human BioAcoustic Biology. Using individualized self-instruction and step-by-step guidelines, the information will prepare the student to perform computerized vocal assessments and create management reports.

There are two levels for this class. The Technician level and the Apprentice level.

The Technician level participants receive 1 year of the Abacus, nanoVoice and Radical Rescue software PLUS a microphone, the Muscles and Nutritional Consultant software and bonus software based upon the monthly topic and submission of required monthly reports. ALL for 1 year. ALL for only $300.

The Apprentice level participants receive only 30 days of the Abacus, nanoVoice and Radical Rescue software. The Apprentice level is FREE. (Be aware that if you choose to participate at the Apprentice level, then you must purchase your own microphone. We have microphones available here, which are recommended for the most accurate recording level for the class software.)

This course is offered onsite in Albany, Ohio or online.

Pre-Registration IS REQUIRED.

  • Category : Sound Research
  • Start Date : 06-07-2018
  • End Date : 07-07-2018
  • Facilitator : Sharry Edwards
  • Time : 10 am - 4 pm EDT
  • Address : 5151 Alton St
  • Contact Name : Sharry Edwards
  • Contact Email : soundhealthinfo@gmail.com
  • Contact Phone : 7406989119
  • Pricing Details : Apprentice FREE / Technician $300
  • Website : https://soundhealth.formstack.com/forms/untitled_form2
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