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Chris James

Posted:Chris James

Planet Earth, ON LINE - Your True Voice 2022 - The Evolutionary Cycle of Vibrational Awareness – Webinar/Retreat with Chris James (Copy), Chris James, , 03 Sep 2022

A  2 part Webinar/Workshop,

From the first realisation that there is more to words than meets the ear, to the alignment we feel when words of truth are spoken and the awareness of the resonance of our own voice locating us fully in the present – this webinar/retreat is an opportunity to deepen your expression, your connection with your Sacred Inner Temple and your living Presence, whatever stage of the cycle you are with, and the music played in these webinars will support you all the way to Heaven.

This event is open to everyone.

4pm-7pm AEST  Sat 3rd Sept (7AM-10AM UK / 8AM-11AM CET)
4pm-7pm AEST Sun 4th  Sept  (7AM-10AM UK / 8AM-11AM CET)

Cost $170 AUD (Approx £85 €100 $120US $180NZD)

To book your place, simply click on this Link

  • Category : On-line course
  • Start Date : 03-09-2022
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : Chris James
  • Time : 4pm-7pm AEST  Sat 3rd Sept (7AM-10AM UK / 8AM-11AM CET)
  • Address :
  • Contact Name : Chris James
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 0416224442
  • Pricing Details : Cost $170 AUD
  • Website :
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