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Posted:Anne L Ryan

UK, OXFORDSHIRE - Being in the body-sound bridge: a workshop in body, movement, breath, sound , Anne L Ryan - sound and body psychotherapist, Asthall Manor, Asthall, Oxfordshire OX18 , 07 Aug 2021

This workshop is a creative safe space to explore the body in movement with vocal sound. By improvising with the body-sound connection, tensions and holding patterns in the body ease, and the mind becomes rested.
Being with the body, encouraging slow movement, and focusing gently on the breath, the body becomes relaxed. Taking time to tune to your own rhythm, the body's system slows into moving stillness. From a deep quiet space, we tune to the impulse to make sound. Working from this soft space, gently we begin to resonate the sound of our own emotional healing bridge.
When this is repeated over time, the body is replenished and revivified. It opens a space for the expression of our individual body-sound and our unique way of being.
• Cost: £70 per person. Includes vegetarian/vegan lunch, tea, and coffee
• Workshop: 6-12 participants (depending on COVID-19 guidance)
• Wear loose clothing
• Bring a yoga mat or rug to lie on, and a blanket for warmth
• Bring your own water
Please get in touch with any questions to If you leave a phone number, I am happy to call you back.
About Anne L Ryan - I am a body psychotherapist who works with the body as a container for our energy in motion, our emotion. I started my career as a vocal coach and performance artist. When I worked with performers, I was drawn to how, not only lyricism and intonation portrays emotion but also the role of physical movement in how we express ourselves vocally.

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