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Rod Paton

Posted:Rod Paton

UK, The Lifemusic Training Spring/Summer 2022, Rod Paton & Shirley Stump, Milland Memorial Hall, Iping Road, Milland, Liphook GU30 7NA, 17 Jul 2022

Who is it for?

Lifemusic is inclusive, non-judgmental and totally accessible. It has been used extensively for over three decades with a wide variety of groups including young and older communities, from trained musicians to complete novices, with people with a wide ranging spectrum of ability, in all levels of education, therapy, health provision, community support, actors and dancers, theatre groups and for team building with professionals.


What is Lifemusic?

A unique form of group music making using voices and instruments designed to promote well-being, support personal development, enhance relationships and develop creative thinking. It is based on the principle that everyone is musical, there are no wrong notes and that every sound has a meaning. The living music which springs from a Lifemusic session is always creative, original, expressive, communicative, celebratory and “serious fun”. Lifemusic began in 1988 since when literally thousands of lifemusic workshops have been provided for hundreds of different groups in the UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Irish Republic, Scandinavia, North America and Australia.


So it’s like music therapy?

Whilst not a recognized model of music therapy Lifemusic does share some of the techniques used in the practice of professional music therapy. However, there is no focus here on pathology but simply on making music, joyful or moving, which inevitably promotes health and well-being.


How does it work?

A Lifemusic session is based around an instantly accessible and enjoyable form of improvisation based on so-called “holding forms”. Participation and communication are key elements while the results are often surprising and unique. The size of the groups vary but the method works ideally with groups of between 6 and 15 though some elements of the approach have been employed with larger gatherings such as choirs or conference participants.


What does the Lifemusic Training involve?

The six-day training will equip you to lead your own sessions with your chosen groups. Each day focuses on a specific aspect of the method but every day provides a full experience. The training method is a practical, workshop based approach and each day is followed by interactive web-based reflective feedback and discussion. On completion you will receive a certificate qualifying you to run your own sessions and join the Guild of Lifemusicians. Assessment is practical and will require you to lead your own holding form based “mini session” during days five and six. A short written commentary will also be submitted.


What people have said about the Lifemusic training:


“The ‘Lifemusic’ training revealed whole new amazing aspects for me both personally and in my working life.” (CN, playworker and consultant)


“I found the Lifemusic method very useful for my work as this way of music making encourages social interaction and promotes self confidence and positive relationships between people.” (MS, support worker, Mencap)


“Excellent method, great applicability to almost any group of people. Would love to use it further for teambuilding.” (SC, clinical manager, NHS)


“I found the training both exhilarating and informative as well as beneficial for health on all levels.” (RG, artist and therapist)


“To me lifemusic has changed the way I listen to music, and the way I make music. It is a great way for professional and proficient musicians to meet with those new to music so they can learn from one another in a supportive and life enhancing environment.” (MB, singer and music teacher)


“My experience of both Lifemusic training and using the method, was liberating and inspiring. It introduced me to listening and communicating on a far deeper level than I’d experienced in other forms of music, such as singing in a choir or playing in a band or in an orchestra. And what really struck me was how strongly Lifemusic bonded us as a group of people! It was as though Lifemusic stripped us of our hang ups and inhibitions and revealed our true selves.” (JQ, musician and singer).


About the founder and trainer:


Dr. Rod Paton is a musician, composer, lecturer and writer with many decades of experience in a variety of fields. As a horn player and pianist he specialises in improvised forms and jazz.


As a composer, he has worked extensively in theatre settings including six musicals. Numerous commissioned works include the epic- scale Ascension Jazzmass (“a moving testament to the human spirit”, Jazz Journal) and more recently the music for the award winning play “Running Wild” (Chichester and London).


He began developing the Lifemusic method in 1988 at the University of Chichester and was awarded a major funding grant in 2008 as part of the South East Coastal Communities project. The training programme grew out of this expanded initiative since when approximately 150 Lifemusicians have been through the programme and qualified.

  • Category : Improvisation
  • Start Date : 17-07-2022
  • End Date : 17-07-2022
  • Facilitator : Rod Paton & Shirley Stump
  • Time : 10:30am – 4.30pm
  • Address : Milland Memorial Hall, Iping Road, Milland, Liphook GU30 7NA
  • Contact Name : Shirley Stump (Lifemusic co-ordinator)
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : +44 7970 202473 or +44 7717 416319
  • Pricing Details : £480 (£80 deposit on application, balance on first day of course or by instalments)
  • Website :
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