Aldyn Dashka - Yat-Kha

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Track Listing

1. Oy Adym (My Grey Horse)  03.40 minutes
2. Tozhu Kyzy (Tozhu Girl)  03.33 minutes
3. Chorumal Bodum (I Am a Traveler)  03.39 minutes
4. Kozhamyk (Ditty)  02.37 minutes
5. Chedi Tei (Seven Hills)  04.40 minutes
6. Tyva Kyztar (Tuvan Girls)  03.46 minutes
7. Takh-Pakh Chaskgy Tan (Spring Breeze)  02.47 minutes
8. Bai-La Mongun (Rich Silver Mountain)  02.47 minutes
9. Oi Moroz (O Frost)  03.40 minutes
10. Sambazhyktyn-Yry (Song of Sambazhyk)  04.39 minutes
11. Khary Kyigy (The Call)  04.12 minutes
12. Aldyn Dashka (The Golden Cup)  04.17 minutes
The third album from Yat-Kha finds them very much refining the process begun on their first two albums. The throat singing remains the central focus, but their way of framing it in a wondrous mix of modern and ancient instruments has become very subtle indeed,Think of this as the sound of the modern steppes, where Asia and the West really come together, and that strange, eerie overtone singing provides the soundtrack.

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