Ashana - The Infinite Heart

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Track Listing

1 Everything I Am 07:08
2 One Sacred Earth 08:04
3 To Be Loved (Prayer of St. Francis) 08:04
4 Om Tare 10:14
5 Gloriosa 07:34
6 Tu Eres 08:30
7 Ra Ma Da Sa 08:30
8 Aham Prema 08:46

Divinely-inspired, The Infinite Heart from Ashana, transports listeners to transcendent states of deep peace and inner healing on the gentlest waves of devotion and compassion. In this stunning and elegantly crafted work, the pure voice of Ashana and the celestial sound of the crystal singing bowls, blend together in a sublime alchemy that has the power to deliver the listener, literally, to the angelic realms. Here in this state, all that is unnecessary and untrue falls away revealing the pristine essence of Divinity that lies within.

Breaking new ground, Ashana blends her signature sound with Sanskrit and Sikh mantra, Tibetan and Native American chant, a song of devotion to the Virgin Guadalupe in Spanish, a hypnotic version of The Prayer of St. Francis, and an angelic choir of voices singing music inspired by 11th century mystic, Hildegaard von Bingen. This is the music of the new paradigm, birthed through sound and vibration from that all-embracing, tender pure source from which all religions spring.

The Infinite Heart is the fourth collaboration between Ashana and world-renowned producer, Thomas Barquee (Snatam Kaur, Seal), whose masterful and sensitve arrangements weave Ashana's pristine vocals and crystal singing bowls into an extraordinary sensory experience of musical prayer.

With certainty, all who come to hear The Infinite Heart will be lifted to a place of pure peace, comfort, and unconditional love, where true healing awaits.

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