Bali Dua - Jalan Jalan

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Track Listing

1.0KAJA come from   08.40 minutes
2.0SEKAR spirit of plants   06.13 minutes
3.0Step   04.52 minutes
4.0WARI   06.44 minutes
5.0Hug with the Wind   05.13 minutes
6.0BULAN   07.02 minutes
7.0Barong Forest   06.37 minutes
8.0Horizon   09.56 minutes


The Japanese project called Jalan Jalan returns with the follow-up to their haunting debut of ambient gamelan music, Bali. Like its predecessor, Bali Dua continues to use samples of Balinese gamelan instruments, along with metallophones and gongs, deploying slow-motion melodies against swirls of synthesizers that move like clouds.

To enhance your enjoyment of the music, removable incense sticks are included in the spine of the CD jewel case.

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