Belinda Farrell - Chant & Forgiveness: A Huna Odyssey

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Track Listing

1. Noho Ana Ke Akua  3.18
2. Ho'opuka E-Ka-La Ma KahiKina  1.33
3. Aia La O Pele  4.03
4. Ke Welina Mai Nei Ke Kini p LaLo  2.57
5. Why we must forgive ourselves (No chants)  10.20
6. Closed eye forgiveness process  17.59
7. Moe Uhane  3.38

Total Time:  43.51 


Finally, an audio CD that takes you gently through the Process of Forgiveness with yourself...You are an energetic being and you send your spirit away when you invest in negative thoughts about yourself and others. This ancient Hawaiian relationship process flourished at at time when there was no mental illness on the Islands. You will be guided to cut the negative cords from people and events that drain your energy and theirs. Call back your spirit to create in present time.
Belinda Farrell, hypnotherapist and psychic energy healer, brings you (with permission) ancient Hawaiian chants and drumming. Through Chanting, your cells remember tonal patterns from ancient times. The chants open up the doorway to your heart. And when the heart is open, you can remember to forgive and experience joy.
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