Bhakta - Open Transmission

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Track Listing

1. Third Eye

2. Open Transmission/Seduced Again/That Sha-Sha Groove/Let Whirl

3. Khidr/Another World/Rain/Khidr

4. In-Between Moments

5. Prayer

6. Total Gut

7. Yours Sincerely


Open Transmission is Bhakta's first CD for the Sammasati label. This music is Trance - Chillout with World influences and haunting voices of Ashok Bharti, Bhakta, Jessica & Jessica, Shirley Pugatszki, Tilasu, Maha Baba, Rashmi and Disha. Bhakta - a highly acclaimed producer and mixing engineer in Europe in the 90's, has been living deeply in the rainforest of eastern Australia near Byron Bay for the last three years, where his time is devoted to record music for the dancing soul. This release is a must-have

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