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Bliss - Bliss

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Track Listing

1. Thanks You  04.43 minutes
2. Child  05.24 minutes
3. The Only One  04.15 minutes
4. Breathe On Me  03.39 minutes
5. Be Who You Were Born To Be  02.58 minutes
6. Peace On My Mind  04.49 minutes
7. War No More  04.46 minutes
8. Wait and Wonder  06.12 minutes
9. The Deep  05.31 minutes
10. Seabird  03.40 minutes
11. Here Where You Lay  04.16 minutes
12. The World is Lost to Me  03.58 minutes
13. Returning Home  11.55 minutes 

"This album runs for over an hour with some of the strongest songs we have written.

There is a new energy of joy in the music which we hope will touch all of you.
We'd like to think of you dancing to some of these songs and being transported beyond to others.

So,enjoy it,have fun, love and blessings " Bliss ( Lucinda and Andy)

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