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Bliss - Ven Hacia La Luz

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Track Listing

1. Ven Hacia La Luz  03.25 minutes
2. Amor  05.03 minutes
3. Respira  03.38 minutes
4. Sunrise [version en inlges]  04.24 minutes
5. No Mas Guerra  04.47 minutes
6. El Unico  04.16 minutes
7. Peace on my Mind [version en inlges]  04.50 minutes
8. De Vuelta al Hogar [en hindi]  09.24 minutes
9. Seabird [Instrumental]  03.36 minutes
10. Naked [version en ingles]  03.37 minutes
11. Cien Mil Angeles  05.56 minutes
12. Om Shanti  04.50 minutes

Inspired by a tour of Mexico this album is a collection of some of the best Bliss songs sung in Spanish, with some favourites sung in English.

The softness and romance of the language brings a new more passionate feeling to many old favourites.

Even exclusively English speakers have said they prefer the sound of some of the tracks in Spanish such as This Love and A Hundred Thousand Angels.

If you don't speak Spanish, then a song sung in a foreign language can be more relaxing and take you out of your head!

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