Boundless - Sharon Wiener

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Track Listing

1. Boundless  05.01 minutes
2. Angel of Mercy  08.01 minutes
3. How It Is  04.59 minutes
4. What Was Born That Morning  05.56 minutes
5. Vajra Guru Mantra  07.28 minutes
6. Not Me  09.35 minutes
7. Love's Waves  06.19 minutes
8. Song of the Vajra  08.23 minutes
9. I Wish You Well  05.09 minutes

Sharon Wiener's new recording,'Boundless' contains inspiring original songs, sacred poetry and Buddhist prayers from the Dzogchen tradition. The songs are intended to take the listener into a state of 'presence,' a spacious, wide-awake, relaxed and compassionate state of awareness.Produced and arranged in Fairfax, California by Hans Christian of RASA, (winner of's New Age CD of 2000 for their recording 'Devotion'), the CD features his virtuoso performances on cello, nyckelharpa, sarangi, bass, keyboards, tambura, harmonium, frame drum and percussion, as well as the superb talents of Shea Comfort on duduk, and Girish Gambira on mridangam and udu.

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