Calendula - John Beaulieu

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Track Listing
1. Harmonic Clouds
2. Harmonic Dance 1
3. Harmonic Dance 2
4. Harmonic Dance 3
5. Harmonic Dance 4
6. Harmonic Dance 5
7. Harmonic Dance 6
8. Unison
9. Fifths
10. Fourths
11. Sixths
12. Thirds
13. Sevenths
14. Seconds
15. Octave
16. Angelic Conversations

Allow the pure, beautiful healing sounds of Pythagorean tuning forks to elevate your mind and centre your body, creating harmony and balance. By listening to this unique healing experience performed by Dr. John Beaulieu, you'll move through different sacred spaces to help you gain flexibility in many life situations. This musical, sound healing CD is a musical journey intended to raise your consciousness and use as a tool for consciousness exploration.


Tune your body.

Create harmony and balance.

Gain flexibility in many life situations.

Consciousness exploration.

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