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Carolyn Hillyer - Cave of Elders

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The Map

1.  Blood  the Journey inward
2.  Bone  the descent
3.  Ash  a distant place
4.  The Cave - Beyond - The - Cave
5.  Night  the rising
6.  Moon  the journey of return
7.  What is the Cave?

A Soul Journey for Women

A powerful and profound journey into the Cave, an intimate underworld, a hidden landscape of the soul. A journey of music formed by voices alone, but without words, voices that give form and song to the ancient Elders, our primeval mothers, who guide and urge us down through the chambers of the Cave, through Blood and Bone and Ash and Night and Moon. A sacred meditation, a raw act of magic. A place where the traveller may experience the journey inward and the journey of return.

This album was recorded live and improvised, over four days and nights. In an unusual departure from the songs and chants for which she has become well known, Carolyn has created a work using voice as the only instrument. A music landscape of many voices interwoven in complex layers giving expression to the ancient women Elders who dwell within our mythic underworld, the territory of the soul, the Cave.

The map of this Cave describes six levels; BLOOD (the journey inward), BONE (the descent), ASH (a distant place), THE CAVE-BEYOND-THE-CAVE (the rising), MOON (the journey of returning) with a seventh piece entitled What is the Cave?
The duration of the journey is one hour.

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