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Carolyn Hillyer - Drum Songs from the Heathen Hills

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Track Listing

1.  Song Rivers  5.13
2.  Gift of the Heathen Hills  5.02
3.  The Old One's Hand  5.05
4.  Marsh Labyrinth Song  3.14
5.  Illuminating Drum  5.57
6.  Sweet Wonder  3.52
7.  Cauldron of Crows  5.51
8.  The Long Return  4.50
9.  The Shrines of Our Mothers Are Singing  5.05
10.  Draw Us Down  4.41
11.  Hollowing Drum  3.34
12.  The Winter Book  5.22
13.  Many Sisters Moons  6.14

For the first time Carolyn has made an album that concentrates specifically on drumming songs and chants. The ancient triad of sacred sounds created through percussive beats, rhythmic rattling and the use of breath or air is here represented with many handcrafted drums, ritual rattles and the voice, both in solo and with multi-layered group harmonies. The simplicity of this combination enables this album to be used as a guide for those undertaking their own travels with a drum, as well as offering a new collection of powerful and profound chants that may be shared within song circles and ceremony. Carolyn uses a broad range of different rhythms and techniques on drum skins that include red stag and doe, fallow deer, reindeer, wild horse, buffalo and salmon. The thirteen songs are divided into four groups: songs of the travelling, bright, dark and silent drums.

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