Carolyn Hillyer - Nameless Drum

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Song Words and Other Voices
A comprehensive collection of one hundred songs and chants.

"From the beginning we have created music and prayer with bone and wood and horn and skin and voice. Our drums were born from the raw fabric of the land, formed by our own hands from the gifts of nature. Our songs were simple and profound expressions of the many voices of the earth. The Nameless Drum is a collection of over one hundred songs, chants and other writings created by the Dartmoor musician and artist Carolyn Hillyer, and sourced from the sacred untamed land and the hidden memories of our ancestral mothers".

"These words, read without their music, reflect ancient and shamanic traditions of ritual poetry; celebrating rites of passage, seasonal blessings, cycles of life, journeys in death and many unusual perspectives on the wild earth and our primordial roots. This beautifully produced book is an excellent retrospective collection of over thirteen years of Carolyn’s work. Illustrated throughout with 48 monotone images from original paintings by Carolyn Hillyer. Includes the words from eight CD albums plus additional and new material".

Size: 18 x 21 cm, Paperback 160 Pages

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