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Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw - Riven Inside

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Track Listing

1. The Lonesome Boatman  05.36 minutes
2. Spring Blessing  03.04 minutes
3. Strange Enough, Deep Enough  03.53 minutes
4. Be Wary of Lovers who Come from the Greenwood  07.46 minutes
5. Rain One  03.28 minutes
6. Summer Blessing  03.08 minutes
7. The Mead Bench  02.49 minutes
8. The Wisdom of You  05.27 minutes
9. Autumn Blessing  03.33 minutes
10. The Ragged Megs  05.42 minutes
11. Rain Two  03.12 minutes
12. The Riven Stone  07.02 minutes
13. Winter Blessing  04.42 minutes
14. Mudhead Clowns  10.10 minutes
15. The Carved Scavenger  03.18 minutes

This album encompasses much of the softer dynamic of Nigel and Carolyn's music.

The tracks range from Nigel's delicate flute pieces and Carolyn's graceful and shadowy songs through to the strong tribal acoustic rhythms and unusual chants.

The album is a strange and beautiful entanglement of soul-filled melodies and songs drawn from medieval, faerie and ancient pagan worlds.

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