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Cecilia - Voice Of The Feminine Spirit

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Track Listing

1. Solveig's Song, 1st Verse  2.47

2. Sacred Hum  4.56

3. Love of a Silent Moon  4.13

4. Two Swans Matched in Flight  5.17

5. Daughter of the Midnight Sun  5.09

6. Amazing Grace (Prayer to the Whales)  4.58 

7. Silver Wings  4.07

8. Lion and the Unicorn  3.16

9. Eternal Heartbeat  3.57

10. Unite the Tribe  3.12

11. Solveig's Song, 2nd Verse  2.34

Voice of the Feminine Spirit is an album of outstanding beauty. The songs inspire and give courage to the gentle heart - embracing it - calling lyrically, often passionately, to the softness and beauty that dwells within us all.

The songs are impeccably performed by Cecilia, whose haunting, bell-like voice, touches both heart and soul, reminding us of a long forgotten dream.

Renowned, flautist, composer Tim Wheater is featured prominently.

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