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Ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes - Suleyman Erguner

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Track Listing

1. Cerag  00.28 minutes
2. Kurani Kerim  02.59 minutes
3. Nati Mevlana  02.58 minutes
4. Ney Taksimi  21.59 minutes
5. Ney Taksimi II  08.35 minutes
6. Husyni Ilahi  04.53 minutes
7. Kemence Taksim  18.08 minutes
8. Kurani Kerim II  03.55 minutes

The Whirling Dervishes ceremony which is referred to as the "Sema", involves the dervish in assuming such a position that his right hand is opened to the heavens (as in a prayer) and his left hand is turned downwards towards the earth.
Through this posture, the dervish seeks to state that he is: "Taking from the heavens and giving to the people, with nothing belonging to the individual; I am an instrument and nothing more"

This album features a complete "Sema" with vocals and instrumentals. Very authentic.

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