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Chakra Dancing 2 - Spirit of the Dance

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Track Listing

1. Mother earth  09.13 minutes
2. Surrender to the beat  07.18 minutes
3. I love the sun  08.45 minutes
4. Euphoria  07.54 minutes
5. Call of the wild  07.13 minutes
6. Beyond the horizon  09.12 minutes
7. At one with the light  10.47 minutes
8. Tibetan bowls  05.38 minutes

Following on from the hugely successful first chakra dancing CD, this colourful mix of tribal drums, funky soul, Latino rhythms, uplifting dance, native Indian chanting, contemporary, classical and including the soprano voice of Sarah Corp is a complete workout for the body, mind and spirit. With over 66 mins of uplifting music, and instructions you will feel balanced and harmonised.

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