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Changing World - Avalon Rising - 2 CDs

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Track Listing
CD 1

1. Shanti (black mountain mix); Banco de Gaia  6:41
2. From The Southern Seas; Yello - Magnetic Star  4:48
3. The Void; Tribal Drift  6:11
4. Sky Kisses Earth; Prem Joshua  4:55
5. Harmon Session Special XI; Black Star Liner  3:47
6. Earth Tribe Transmission; World Chill Boogie  5:38
7. Dessert Angel; Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh  6:37 
8. Grown Over; Horse & Sheila Chandra  3:29 
9. The Voyage; Robin Carrs  2:31
10. Marine Drive; Puff Dragon  3:42
11. Mystical Experiences; The Infinity Project & Raja Ram  6:10
12. Alpha Return; Medicine Drum  4:58
13. The Rhythm Tree; Baka Beyond  4:29
14. Jennies Chickens; Elephant Talk  5:30
15. Bourré White; Green Angels  2:45
16. Merchant of Colours; Mirror System & Steve Hillage  5:30
17. Sasquach; Kailash Kokopelli  2:20

1. Promenade; Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh  1:51 
2. Pond Life; Sympath  3:14
3. Ganesh Invocation; Craig Pruess  5:13 
4. Liquid; Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh  4:44
5. Blue Horizon; Blue Effect  4:33 
6. Jahan; Echo System  4:04
7. 1,000 Years; Healer  5:00
8. Cutting The Chord; Savourna Stevenson  3:11 
9. Om Shanti; Bliss & Lucinda Drayton  4:20 
10. Quiet Love; Yogeshwara & Jo Crystal 4:02 
11. Lazy Daisy (Big Chill Classics mix); Another Fine Day  6:23
12. Best Foot Forward; Haladhar  4:03
13. The Dream; Dragonsfly  3:39
14. Radhe Shyam-Sita Ram; Ellen Molnia  4:03
15. Sky Dancer; Peter Rowan  4:06
16. Ananda; Solar Quest  5:29
17. East & West; Yogeshwara & Jo Crystal  4:05
18. Divine Guidance; Sacred Geometry II & Daevid Allen  3:18
19. Bela Lughoti; Kangaroo Moon  3:48
20. Om; Dwahni W.M. Zapp  2:00


Music for the Faerie Kingdom.

In Avalon, they are celebrating the dawning of the new age with this specially prepared CD compilation of music that they have discovered. The music somehow describes the world's growing cultural awareness that is emerging in the environs of the legendary Glastonbury Tor - Mount Zion - the Grail Castle.

The music is a fusion of both indigenous and planetary styles and sympathetic use of modern harmonic technology, which has been gifted to humanity’s musical community for this very purpose.

We feel the result to be a perfect accompaniment for your own personal quest to Avalon and Middle Earth, full to the brim with beautiful, spiritually charged acoustic and electronic, chilled, ambient and world music. Ideal for dance, healing and meditation - the music of the North, South, East and West, meeting in the Heart Grail of Avalon.

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